Houston, Texas Apartments

Houston's Culture and People:

Houston is known as America's Space City, thanks to the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center which is located nearby. The first word that was ever uttered on the moon was "Houston", and was spoken by Neil Armstrong as he contacted NASA back on earth. Houston is also commonly known as the Bayou City, especially among many locals in the city. Houston is also commonly referred to as Magnolia City, Clutch City and H-Town.

The major economic centers in Texas include the Greater Houston area and the Fort Worth and Dallas Metroplex, which has caused a friendly rivalry between the two cities. Houston's population, commonly referred to as Houstonians tend to consider themselves to be much more down to earth than their Dallas neighbors. Additionally, many Houstonians tend to complain that Dallas gets more national attention despite the fact that Houston has a much larger population. Because of this rivalry, it is common for assets to be compared between Houston and the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Houstonians, for example, eat out much more often than the residents of any other United States city, but Dallas has more restaurants per person than any other United States city, even New York City. There is only a single city in the United States where you will find a cheaper dining experience than in Houston, Texas is in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Houston is a city that is rich with culture. In Houston you can find two different Chinatowns, and the third largest Vietnamese-American population in the entire United States. Property values and property taxes have come up in recent years thanks to recent re-development of the Midtown area; however this act has also forced many Vietnamese-Americans into other parts of Houston. There are more than ninety different languages spoken in the Houston area. Some of the neighborhoods in Houston are so populated by Chinese Americans and Vietnamese Americans that the street signs in those areas can be found in Chinese and Vietnamese in addition to English. Additionally, Houston has the second highest population of South African citizens, second only to Miami, Florida. Finally, Houston is also well known for its large population of Nigerian residents, with more than one hundred thousand native Nigerian residents living in the city.

Cultural Institutions:

Houston's theater district is known for its vibrancy when it comes to both performing and visual arts. Houston is ranked second in the country for the amount of theater seats located in a single concentrated downtown area, second only to New York City. Houston offers world-class organizations for both visual and performing arts, as well as a bit of the homegrown folk arts, including Art Cars.

There are only five United States cities that possess permanent and professional companies for all of the major performing arts. In Houston you will find the Houston Grand Opera, the Houston Symphony Orchestra, the Houston Ballet, and the Alley Theatre. Houston makes their performing arts and visual arts available all throughout the year, making it a widely recognized city for contemporary visual artistry. Houston has been named the most interesting of all cities in the United States when it comes to young artists, according to the New York Times. Houston has a rich culture which has been invigorating artistic and academic pursuits for nearly one hundred years. Houston is a prime location for Broadway touring companies, shows and concerts, and exhibitions for every niche and interest ranging from home shows to boat shows, and even the nation's largest quilting expo.

Uptown Houston, Texas:

During the 1970s and the early 1980s, The Uptown Houston district was booming right alongside the rest of Houston. A new collection of office buildings was constructed along the Interstate 610, making it quite an impressive instance of Edge City. Uptown Houston's greatest accomplishment involved the construction of the Williams Tower, an 899 foot or 274 meter tall tower. The Williams tower was originally known as the Transco Tower, until it was renamed in 1999. At the time of its construction, the Williams Tower was assumed to be the largest skyscraper in the world found outside of a central business district. This tower was the product of an interesting era which involved large energy companies using their overloaded assets in order to project their power through the construction of impressive structures.

There are many other landmark buildings located within the Uptown Houston district, including buildings designed by famous Architects like Cesar Pelli and Phillip Johnson. The construction efforts for large-scale office buildings eventually did come to an end, however, with the collapse of Houston's economy following the meltdown of energy prices during the mid and late 1980s. In 2001, you could find more than 23.8 million square feet worth of office space in Uptown Houston, while Downtown Houston had around 40 million square feet worth of office space. During the late 1990s, Houston experienced a small boom of construction of mid-rise residential towers, most of which were around thirty stories tall. For such a low density city, Uptown Houston truly had accumulated quite a large number of high-rise residential buildings.

Colleges and Universities:

Houston features Rice University, a prestigious private institution which boasts itself as one of the largest financial endowments compared to universities all over the world. In the United States, Rice University is ranked as the seventeenth best university over all, according to the United States News and World Report. The small body for undergraduate students is among the most selective in the nation, and additionally has one of the highest of all National Merit Scholarship winner percentages. Rice University is also known for maintaining a whole host of different laboratories and facilities for research. Rice University has also associated itself with the Houston Area Research Center, which is a consortium that is supported by four different universities in Texas; Rice University, Texas A&M University, the University of Houston and the University of Texas at Austin.

The University of Houston system is the largest of all urban state systems for higher education on the entire Gulf Coast, and is the system which serves all of Houston. There are four Universities in the system, three of which are located within Houston. There are also two multi-institution teaching centers within the system. The flagship institution for the University of Houston System is the University of Houston, which is the third largest University in the state of Texas, with more than 35,000 students enrolled. The University of Houston has become the home for more than forty different institutes and research centers, including the University of Houston Law Center which is among the most prestigious. The University of Houston Law Center has the highest ranked Health Law and Policy Institute in the entire nation, and its Intellectual Property Law program is ranked fifth in the nation.

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